Update (2020-08-06): This is a republish of my first blog post, dated 2005-04-20: Prologue. Devblog only lets me backdate this to 2015.

I seemed to think I would only discuss coding style in my blog. Hah, very odd! I now expect this version to be a general-purpose developer's blog for me to throw my thoughts, ideas, etc. I'll republish the rest of my posts later -- there are only six more.

After writing code for many years, computer programmers develop a certain style, or method, of writing their code. Some of this is for aesthetics, like how much one indents a line of code. Some of it is for user interaction, like using verbose error messages. Some of it is for allowing easy code maintenance, like using comments. And some of it is for limiting the effects of bugs, like using assertions.

In this blog I will try to describe my style. Some of it will be just my preference but some of it, I feel, helps me be a more productive computer scientist. I'm hoping this will either help others improve their coding style, or will inspire others to help me with mine.